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"This idea aims to replace government as the preferred state system of authority, and takes a direct shot at the overarching evil power structure that presently dominates the globe.  If you do not like globalism and do not want an unelected corporate group such as the World Economic Forum and its subsidiaries to rule humanity, then what I am about to present to you is the best and most peaceful way to permanently defeat globalism and the secret combination conspiracy established by the father of lies that is threatening to overthrow the freedoms of all people."

"The primary purpose of a self-protectorate is to permanently shut systemic corruption out of the state, and in order to do so, the laws of the self-protectorate cannot be allowed to change in any form or fashion.  When law is unchangeable, it is only then that it can be held to be inviolate.  It is only when the law is fair, has equal application, and is inviolate that all people are on an equal footing with each other and with the state."

"A self-sustained, self-implemented, and self-directed protectorate... commonly known as a self-protectorate, is the alternative to government.  It is this alternative class of state systems that can provide mankind with lasting peace and prosperity with truly equal freedoms and rights that governments frequently neglect or disregard."

"When there are too many laws, and when the law is subject to change at any moment for any reason, the people are placed in a position of helplessness with regards to the law and the law’s recognition of the people’s liberties.  The United States of America is presently the one nation with the most laws..."

"...since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution there have been changes to the form and function of the government and the U.S. Government is now vastly more in keeping with an oligarchy rather than a republic."

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